The following post was originally featured on Love, Grey Skies and written by Tiffany Diana Torres , who is part of POPSUGAR Select Latina.

It’s been a minute since we did a style-related shoot and, boy, did I miss it. I was super excited when Sunday rolled around because we had plans to shoot and vlog. While I was thinking about what looks to actually photograph, I started thinking about some of my most prized possessions.

Without a doubt, duster coats came to mind. It also helped that I wore mine the day before and got a ton of compliments, so it was basically a no-brainer. Then, I started thinking about all the reasons as to why I love wearing them and then the ah-ha moment happened. Why not share it with all of you? So here I am. Not only is this a must-have in my closet, but it should be in yours. Here are five reasons why.

1. They’re Curvy Approved

The most important thing I love about duster coats is that they’re shape friendly. I always tend to go down a size because I prefer them fitted and think they look best that way. Plus, I love how your silhouette shows as you’re graciously strutting down the street. Girl, you better work! Some duster coats even come with belts like this one, so if you wanted to define your curves even more, you could by cinching it in at the waist.

2. They’re Both Spring and Summer Appropriate

This has definitely become a transitional staple. It’s great for those in-between-seasons when you’re not sure if you should dress warmer or strip down to the basics. You know, like this East Coast weather. Personally, I’m looking forward to throwing this on in the Summer with some distressed shorts and wedges for a nighttime BBQ. They even have sleeveless ones!

3. They Provide Instant Chicness

Another reason why I love a good duster coat is because it saves you time while making you look instantly chic. On the days where I have “nothing to wear” and I’m pulling my hair out from the stress, this is my savior. It adds that street style vibe to any look and works great with basic pieces.

4. They’re Comfortable

How could you go wrong with a light robe-like coat? I mean, seriously. It’s the most comfortable piece to wear, especially when paired with other light pieces like these jeggings and a sheer top. Meanwhile, it looks like you’re busy slaying life.

5. They’re Versatile

The great thing about a classic piece is that it should be versatile. You should be able to incorporate it into your wardrobe in numerous ways while getting different looks, and this is true when it comes to the duster coat. Wear it with these leopard pumps for a quick business lunch or go street style chic with sneakers and ripped denim. The possibilities are endless!