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Ladies! Want to take a glimpse to Mr Best Body Universe 2012! Who wouldn’t only to hear that title! He is Dominican 25 year old Erick Sabater. Did I mention he happens to be dating 46 year old German- Mexican actress Sabine Moussier?? Well yes, I’m sorry Erick seems to be taken for now.

Sabine who is best known for her villainous roles in Televisa’s “telenovelas” is sure having some good times with new romantic addition. We can’t denied mother of two, Sabine is one gorgeous lady and she keeps herself very fit but still they make one mismatched couple wouldn’t you say?! Erick who is starting to open up his way into acting might just be using her to get himself some needed publicity. He is part of the new cast for the Mexican production of the musical play “Perfume de Gardenia” which will premiere June 14th in Mexico City. Talking about his character he said:

“Mi personaje es bien latino, se puede decir; una persona supersociable, encantador, galán, pues estás viendo, qué te puedo decir”,

My character is very Latin, you could say he is a very sociable, charming, hunk; everything that you see, what can I say”

Erick Jimenez Sabater who is originally from Santiago De Los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Republic attended Centro Educativo Adventista De Santigao school. Last year Sabater was not only awarded with the title Mister Universe Model but also took the award for best body! The Latin model is easy to watch!

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The couple were spotted recently at the airport of the Mexican capital as they were coming back together. She was asked about him and she had only the nicest things to say about him; she is evidently smitten with him.

“His name is Erick, you will hear soon about him”

Apparently the villain actress has already sold the exclusive of her new romance with Erick to some other publication according to what she statted. She also said Erick is a cool guy and that the model and her children get along just fine. As you would have assumed by now he is currently living in Mexico.

Would it last?? What are your thought on this one??

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