It’s easy to see why Hollywood has fallen in love with Gina Rodriguez. Aside from her infectious smile in photos, the Jane the Virgin star has become one of the most well-known Puerto Rican actresses after winning the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy series in 2015.

Even with an award under her belt, however, Gina has a multitude of other incredible talents and never forgets her humble beginnings. The actress landed her first-ever fashion campaign with Kipling in April, has a pending memoir titled I Can and I Will: Tools My Daddy Gave Me, and uses her fame to educate Latina women through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Did we mention she also took up boxing?

This 31-year-old star has proven herself as an indomitable force both on screen and off, so it’s no surprise she’s one of the actresses to grace Glamour‘s October 2015 issue. Read on to see what Gina has to say about family, her relationship with her Jane the Virgin costars, and what it’s like giving birth on television. And then check out some of her most inspiring quotes to date.

  • On how she got into boxing: “My father was a referee for professional boxing and would take me to the fights with him. He taught all of us how to box. The boxing gym is like my church outside of church. I’ve been training every day. I’ve been sparring with men; I haven’t actually fought a woman yet. I’ve gotten hit a few times in the face. [But] I feel so strong emotionally.”
  • On how Jane the Virgin has changed the game for Latinos in Hollywood: “People say this is a Latino show. But this is just a show that happens to have people with ancestors who come from other countries. None of us wants to be defined anymore. We’re human, dude. I feel like I was meant to do something – and nothing about me, genetically, is gonna stop me from doing that. Jane feels the same way.”
  • On the relationship between her, Andrea Navedo (who plays Xiomara), and Ivonne Coll (Abuela Alba) when they hash out drama on the porch: “We call it the porch of tears! I always have to cry on the porch. We’re in love with each other. Andrea is so much like the women in my family I feel like we’re blood relatives. And Ivonne is abuela to me – I call her abuela in real life too.”
  • On what her dad taught her: “A real leader, in my opinion, is one who creates other leaders. And that’s what my father did. He taught my siblings and me how to be leaders. There was never an ego situation where he needed to know we were following him.”
  • On giving birth to a son in the season finale of Jane: “After preparing for it, I don’t know if I’ll ever touch a man again. I was crying when I watched it, because it felt like I had given birth to my first season ever. It felt like such an accomplishment. It also made me realize that I want to give birth to my career first.”