Back in January, we rejoiced at the fact that – finally! – there’s a Latina Disney princess. Her name is Elena, and she’s going to be the star of Disney Junior’s 2016 show Elena of Avalor. After our initial celebration, it hit us! After years of being Jasmine, Pocahontas, and every other iconic character in a Disney movie, this Halloween we can finally channel a true and real Latina Disney princess. Since Elena’s show isn’t even out – being ahead of the trend is just another pro on the list to have this be your costume – the only way to become Elena is to DIY it. That’s why we’ve created your guide to shopping her look and creating your own street style costume. All it takes is a scarlet dress, a touch of red lipstick, and a ponytail decorated with flowers. Keep scrolling to see how easy it is to get this princess’s look, then check out some couple costume inspiration.