yuri and rodrigo

Whoa! Fighting in broad day light!  It doesn’t seem like Christian couple Yuri and hubby Rodrigo would huh! But it is them! The couple who has been inseparable since their meeting at Festival de Viña del Mar in 1995 were spotted yelling at each other just after breakfast.

Yuri or Mexican Madonna as she became known, projected charisma and demonstrated talent for dance and singing at an early age. Her mother, Dulce Canseco, believed strongly in her daughter’s potential and against the adamant wishes of her husband moved to Mexico City to pursue Yuri’s career. Her career has been filled with ups and downs but the love from fans and international recognition came soon for this hot blond. 1995 was a pivotal year in her life as she became a born again Christian and married Chilean musician Rodrigo Espinoza who is eight years younger than she is.

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Rodrigo Espinoza has had immense influence on the singer; he might be the biggest Christian music superstar you’ve never heard of. Espinoza and his Miami-based label, One Voice Records,released his third album, Me Inundas (You Fill Me), a spicy mix of “a lot of kinds of music: R&B, soul, pop and rock,” released in the United States earlier this summer after a significant marketing campaign in the Christian world. He is animated and earnest, especially when discussing his faith. Searching for the right word, he describes the music he’s made since accepting Jesus as being “Christocentric.”

international Latin sensation Yuri, and hubby became noticeable for their strong faith and beliefs. When they first got married 18 years ago the ceremony was very small, it was a rainy day, only about 30 guests were there to witness their union. At the time they were also highly criticized for the age difference but nothing seemed to break their bond. After some time of trying to get pregnant, Yuri and Espinoza decided to adopt their first child, seven month old baby girl Camila in 2009.

In 2007 the couple joined their lives once again, only this time they had a bigger celebration. An ecstatic Yuri said “This” was the wedding God had intended for them.

So what do you think all the fuzz is about them brawling right in the middle of the street??? The encounter took place right outside a Mexican restaurant called “ Lomas de Chapultepec” located in the city. The 49 year old was evidently pissed at Espinoza and after 10 minutes of the puckering the valet parking handed their car and they left obviously in a rage.

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