The following post was originally featured on Life, Love and the Pursuit of Shoes and written by Ashley Torres, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Latina.

Happy Monday! Officially en route back from Miami and let’s just say it’s time for a serious detox. Three nights of bachelorette partying was a good reminder that mama’s not a spring chicken anymore. #thestruggleisreal On Thursday I mentioned how excited I was to share a fun pineapple DIY with you. Secret: I love crafting. It’s one of the things I picked up from my mom; she’s the most creative person I know! We’re talking incredible Halloween costumes, baked goods, event decorations . . . you name it and she can make it. She was making viral DIY Pinterest content before Pinterest was even imagined. As a grown-up I’ve found that getting crafty often falls below all the other to-dos but I’m trying to make it a priority since it’s so much fun. I went to Miami a few days before Danielle’s bachelorette, so I thought it would be cute to paint some pineapples for the weekend’s festivities. These babies are super easy to create and make for such fun decorations and picture props + they can still be eaten:



Part 1: palm the pineapple and use the foam brush to get a good base of paint all over the stems. Don’t worry about the nooks and crannies at first, just get some coverage going and then use the smaller paint brushes to really spread out the paint and fill in the details. Each pineapple takes about 10 minutes and since the paint is pretty thick there shouldn’t be that much drippage. Drippage = totally not a word but definitely part of the Ashley vocabulary.

Part 2: Let ’em dry overnight and tah-dah!

Pinky hit South Beach wearing Sole Society mirrored sunnies; isn’t she great? See more painted pineapples in action in my Miami Travel Diary!