When you’re in a Disney movie, you dress like a princess to attend its premiere – that was probably what Shakira was thinking when she chose a sweet collared pink skater dress to hit the red carpet for Disney’s Zootopia in Los Angeles on Feb. 17. The Colombian singer, who voices Gazelle and sings the theme for the animated film called “Try Everything,” paired the neon floral print of her minidress with a shimmery clutch, nude pumps, and a cute ponytail, flirting with the cameras, blowing kisses, and waving as she posed for photos.

The film marks a milestone for Shakira as her first movie role, but that didn’t stop her from voicing concerns and making requests. At the Barcelona premiere, she opened up about asking Disney’s animators to give Gazelle bigger hips and getting her way, saying she sees a lot of herself in the character. Keep reading to see more photos of her pretty and pink look on her big night.