In conjunction with the launch of the new 2015 Camry, Toyota created the first-ever interactive short film on Instagram, and an exciting alternative to that experience on Twitter. The innovative effort titled “GranDecision” stars Cuban-American actor William Levy as the hero of an action-themed story that progresses as viewers choose the outcomes for each event.

  Presented as a series of 15-second episodes on Instagram and Twitter, the film empowers users to drive the storyline through their own bold decisions at the end of each vignette. For example, in one interaction Levy drives down a desert highway and encounters a beautiful hitchhiker. Viewers are prompted with two options: Does he pick her up? Does he leave her stranded? The viewers’ bold decisions determine the next series of interactions, which play out on a follow-up video. Visit the Instagram and Twitter links below to experience the interactive story for yourself! #GranDecision on Twitter: #GranDecision on Instagram:   Keep up with Toyota Latino on Instagram and on Twitter.