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Saldana was photographed by paparazzi while kissing our favorite messy Italian, during the party’s official launch of Into Darkness: Star Trek , which sees Zoe among the leaders. According to many present the two would spend the entire evening side by side.

Marco who is also known as Pirate Perego due to his resemblance to Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp, has known the actress for a while now and although it’s too early to tell if they are dating or not; you think Zoe who often speaks of her pride in being a Latina and a Black woman and the Italian make a good couple?? Italian and Spanish are almost the same right! Or at least they sound similar.

Marco Perego, the Italian-born artist who entered into fame with his first New York solo show in 2008, was washing dishes in Spanish Harlem. It’s a part of his story that he likes to emphasize even more than the fact that prior to his work as a busboy, he was a professional soccer player. The 34-year-old painter has been romanced by his own storybook rise to success, and he’s not ashamed of that either.

He recalls

“My first show in New York was unbelievable, you know, because they show up like 700, 800 people in Ingrao Gallery,” “My story was unbelievable, because I come here and I come from very normal family, you know? My father is a waiter, my mum stays at home.”

‘The Only Good Rock Star Is a Dead Rock Star’ the name of the work, which caused no little fanfare Perego and transformed into a ‘name’. Disappeared for a couple of years, Marco is now back on the crest of the news thanks to a completely different story and that is his romance with the actress.

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Some Perego’s influences as an artist include Caravaggio, Marcel Duchamp, Pascal and the writer William S. Burroughs. “I think he is unbelievable, I love him, because everything is coming from the stomach.”

Despite his humble beginnings, Mr. Perego seemed destined for greatness from a young age, gaining a spot on Venice’s professional team at age 17. Then at 21, he suffered a severe leg injury. He moved to Brazil for a year to try to recuperate and continue play there. He also joined a Samba academy. But in the fall of 2002, he abandoned soccer and moved to New York to pursue his dream of being an artist.

He speaks with a heavy Italian accent and has an unmistakably Euro look, he is most comfortable in T-shirts, gray vest and faded, ripped jeans, fastened with a pirate-themed buckle; and you can’t miss the many bracelets adorning his wrists.

Marco who looks just like a movie star apparently everything he touches turns into profit as he usually sells all his work in the first days, his exhibits all over Europe have done extremely well and he currently lives and works in L.A